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Class 6S (Miss Stokes)

Welcome to the 6S Class Page!


Our recipe for a good year:

With a dash of determination, a good measure of teamwork, a tablespoon of enthusiasm, a sprinkle of imagination, a pinch of positivity and a cup of challenge we are certain we can be preparedproductive and prove progress.


This week's home learning: 


Have a look what we have been up to this week:

Finally, a post-SATs sigh of relief! The children have worked incredibly hard over the past few months so a HUGE congratulations for all their efforts. Looking to the future, we have begun our Isle of Man research this week, which has seen the children using maps to locate famous towns and landmarks (some of which they will be visiting in the very near future!) We enjoyed our visitors who came in for 'Geography Day' on Tuesday; we learnt all about the planning of roads and reducing our carbon footprints. We even learnt some Japanese!

Summer learning

Science (Evolution and adaptability)

Geography (Isle of Man)

The terrain within the Isle of Man; famous landmarks; using and developing our ordnance survey skills.

History (Vikings)

Understanding where Vikings may have existed in history; who they were and how/ why they invaded England and ended up settling in the Isle of Man.

Art (Expressing emotion through art) 

Exploring how artists (Francis Bacon and Paula Rego to name a few) convey emotion through art. Experimenting with various different media to see if we can recreate some famous artwork. The children will be working towards creating a piece of clay which successfully showcases an emotion through distorted faces.

Music (Jazz)

Our topic is jazz music and we will be learning about the origins of jazz and learning accompaniments to a jazz piece.        


Ms Corker will be teaching the class French this year. 

Computing/ DT

Mr Moulton will be completing the Robotics topic- using programming with our 'Lego Education' sets.


Baseball and rounders.

RE (Ahimsa, Grace and Ummah)

We will be learning all about and comparing the core values of Christians, Muslims and Hindus. 


Year 6 will explore the effects of peer pressure and learn how to tackle such situations; the importance of personal hygiene; recognising the changes their own bodies will make (in relation to puberty) and understand human reproduction (including sex).