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Design Technology

Year 3

Analysing, gaining understanding of materials, peer evaluating, improving, instructing...  Lots happening in DT in Y3 as they lead up to making their Christmas party hats!

Year 4

They've researched, they've analysed, they've gained LOTS of technical knowledge... Now Y4 are ready to complete their specification and get-to designing and making POP UP books.

Year 5

Analysing, investigating and deconstructing...  So far, Year 5 have been learning how important the strength of a bag is to its purpose!

Year 6

Let there be...light!  

Follow Year 6's dazzling learning journey.  The children have proven they're full of bright ideas, with thoughtful analysis and sparks of creativity!  The result: some startlingly spectacular final products! 

Design and Technology at Flixton Junior School brings learning to life by providing a motivating and meaningful context for using English, maths, science, art and computing. 

DT involves three important elements – learning about the designed and made world and how things work, and learning to design and make functional products for particular purposes and users and learning life skills.

Life skills are a fundamental element of our DT curriculum and include teaching the skills needed for cooking, baking, gardening and sewing, as well as providing children with the opportunity to work collaboratively for a purpose outside of the classroom.